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30 Jun 2017

What an Online Cleaning Quote Can do For You!


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Posted By Kristopher H.

"Why bother with a professional cleaner?" Is the question often asked by commercial managers'. Well there are many reasons why you should invest in a good professional cleaner. Before I go on to list these benefits, I need to first reassure you that obtaining a good professional cleaner has never been so easy or so cost effective, so we are talking about competitive cleaning quotations and professional cleaning services here.

Cleaning professionals are very different to cleaners. Professional cleaners are trained to, and are monitored in, providing a professional cleaning service. You can go online today and type in "cleaning quote", and be presented with a wide choice of cleaning service professional organisations. The better ones will provide you with the facility to obtain a cleaning quote online on your first visit. This estimated cleaning quote will be further refined on any subsequent visit by the cleaning companies representative.

So back to the question of "why bother": well clearly a clean office will inspire confidence in the company from any visitor will a dirty messy office will give the complete opposite impression. While it is impossible to quantify the negative effect of such a first impression, all research into the field of customer confidence points to the fact that such a situation should be avoided at all costs. As the act cost in man hours in obtaining an online cleaning quote is nothing then simply type in "online cleaning quote" today.

Now let us consider the office employee. A clean office will be a pleasant environment to spend time in, and who spends the largest amount of time in the office? A quick visit to an online cleaning quotation site will keep paying dividends day after fresh smelling day to you hard working worker.

Now you office visitor is impressed, you office worker is relaxed and feels looked after, but there is still more to benefit from with you cleaning quote. EPA scientists have come to the conclusion that inadequately cleaned office environments are detrimental to the workforces' health. Office carpets are harbingers' of potentially allergy-causing particulates. To keep these particulates down to a healthy level the equipment used to routinely clean these office carpets is not up to professional specifications these particulates can multiply to levels sufficient to release bacteria and fungi spores into the office environment. Clearly any office worker with any degree of breathing difficulties will be at greatest risk of chronic, avoidable pulmonary irritation.

Now the office toilets have to rear their ugly heads! Yes put a lot of individuals together for long periods of time, and you need to provide them with toilet facilities. If communal facilities are not routinely professionally cleaned then you are not being a professional employer. If, heaven forbid, one of your employees did contract a communicable disease, e.g. Ecoli, and on independent testing, your sanitary provision was found to have Ecoli existing on any surface, then you are potentially liable.

It's as simple as washing your hands, visit an online cleaning quote website and get a quote today.


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