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11 Jul 2017

What's Involved With Cleaning A Bathroom


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Posted By Tyrone G.

When you're not accustomed to it, cleaning a bathroom can be quite an overwhelming task. What product to use? What cleaning implements to use? Where do I start? Will certain products damage areas of my bathroom?

Well, not to worry, here's some tips letting you know what's involved with cleaning a bathroom!

Cleaning Tiles
Tiles are a major part of any bathroom. They are frequently used because they are durable, look good, and are very easy to clean and maintain, even in high moisture environments like bathrooms.

To clean bathroom tiles, there a number of different options, some work better than others in certain situations, depending on how dirty tiles have become.

For regular cleaning on well maintained tiles, a general purpose bathroom cleaner can be used. Wet the tiles first, then using a soft sponge, scrub the bathroom tiles in a circular motion using a considerable amount of pressure.

If tiles are not maintained as well, or are particularly dirty, there are a few other options. Vinegar, lemon juice, borax, baking soda, bleach, or a commercial tile cleaner all work well.

Cleaning Grout
Grout is a major part of what's involved with cleaning a bathroom. Grout is the cement between tiles. Grout can often absorb dirt or become moldy or mildewed, and so can be annoying and difficult to clean.

To maintain grout, whenever you clean tiles, use an old toothbrush or a grout brush, to give a quick scrub on all grout surfaces, just using the same product you are cleaning your tiles with, whether that is a general cleaner, or something stronger like vinegar or bleach.

If you have any particularly problematic areas of grout in your bathroom that you need to clean, you may need to use something more drastic like oxygen bleach or a commercial mold removal product.

Cleaning Toilets
Cleaning the toilet is one of the least pleasant parts of what's involved with cleaning a bathroom.

One of the best approaches for cleaning a toilet is just to use a commercial toilet cleaner. The great thing about these commercial products is how much bacteria they are guaranteed to kill, which is essential for health reasons when cleaning the toilet.

When you do clean the toilet in your bathroom, make sure you wipe over all surfaces with the product, and inside the bowl using a toilet brush. Remember to try and work your way into gaps where muck can build up like in between the bowl and the toilet seat.


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